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The space between, the tears we cry, is the laughter...

...keeps us coming back for more

6 July

I don't really have a friending policy. If you think I'm interesting and wanna add me, please by all means, do so. Just toss a comment my way so I know cause maybe I'd like to friend you back too ya know? ;)

Its not that we can't find a way to live
It's that we don't know how to give
We're breathing but with iron lungs
Speaking but in separate tongues

The walls are high but made of glass
The dye is dark but not yet cast
And though remorse comes easily
An act of love could set you free

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Who else is love?
pseudomonas me scripsit anno 2005

Who else is love?
pseudomonas me scripsit anno 2005

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My Willow/Oz 100 words

001. Ache 002. Alcohol 003. Animal 004. Anniversary 005. Autumn
006. Blood 007. Book 008. Bound 009. Breath 010. Candle
011. Cemetary 012. Clouds 013. Coffee 014. Cold 015. Confessions
016. Darkness 017. Daydream 018. Death 019. Desperation 020. Distant
021. Dreams 022. Earth 023. Emotion 024. Enemy 025. Erotic
026. Faded 027. Familiar 028. Family 029. Fantasy 030. Field
031. Fire 032. First 033. Flower 034. Found 035. Friend
036. Future 037. Gift 038. Hair 039. Hard 040. Hat
041. Hate 042. Holidays 043. Home 044. Hunger 045. Introspection
046. Isolation 047. Joy 048. Kisses 049. Knees 050. Lake
051. Letter 052. Library 053. Life 054. Lonely 055. Love
056. Lover 057. Lust 058. Magic 059. Midnight 060. Monsters
061. Moon 062. Music 063. Need 064. Nicknames 065. Night
066. Nightmares 067. Only 068. Paint 069. Past 070. Pictures
071. Popsicles 072. Quiet 073. Rain 074. Raspberries 075. Regret
076. Romantic 077. Scent 078. School 079. Sex 080. Shoulders
081. Silence 082. Silver 083. Skin 084. Smile 085. Soft
086. Spring 087. Stain 088. Summer 089. Today 090. Tomorrow
091. Under 092. Volatile 093. Want 094. Warm 095. Water
096. Werewolf 097. Wind 098. Witch 099. Winter 100. Yesterday

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